“Time traveler” says Philippines will be a “utopia” in the future

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There will always be a feeling of fear whenever we think about what will going to happen in the future. However, one man from YouTube, who claims himself as a time traveler from the year 2030, revealed something good about the future of the Philippines.

In a video taken from ApexTV, a YouTube channel dedicated to paranormal and unconventional stories, the man named Noah professed his prophecies for the Philippines in the future.

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According to him, the Philippines will converge with the rest of the rest of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries. He added that the Philippines will hold the seat of power in this new-formed nation.

I cannot say the name of this future country but the Philippines will basically be like a state within this country and it’s gonna be a huge, huge thing. The ASEAN will become one giant country and plans for the whole world to become multiple countries that are merged together, and they will become like some type of districts but they will be very, very powerful.”

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Aside from that, Noah also said that the Philippines will become free from any illegal activities. Hence, becoming a utopia. The time-travel explained that it will be going to happen after implementing the artificial intelligence (AI) police task force to be developed by Japan.

Filipinos immediately reacted to Noah’s bizarre prophecies about the Philippines. However, most of them are hoping that it could happen to the future.

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Watch the vide below:

Source: YouTube
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