Talagang bully! Bertiz has no plans of dropping out of party-list group

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Other members of the ACTS-OFW party-list on Monday challenged the nomination of Rep. Aniceto Bertiz after it filed another set of Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance (CONA) before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in Manila.

Bertiz had been the center of controversy in the past weeks due to a security row with airport personnel that has gone viral on social media.

Aside from what he claimed as Bertiz’s “arrogance,” Feliciano Adorna Jr., chairman and first nominee of ACTS-OFW’s second wing, said the congressman rarely attended their board meetings.

“Akala niya siguro ay manu-neutralize ang board, ako ang kanyang inatake, ang chairman. I’m the founder and the chairman of the ACTS-OFW party-list,” he said.

On Thursday, some members of ACTS-OFW filed a set of CONA where Bertiz was the first nominee.

Should the party-list win on the May 2019 elections, the Comelec en banc will determine which of the two factions are legitimate representatives of ACTS-OFW.

A total of 70 party-lists submitted their CONAs since October 11, including the two wings of the ACTS-OFW.

On Monday, a total of 39 groups submitted their documents since the filing of CONA began last week. (PNA)

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