Rita Gaviola a.k.a “Badjao Girl” stuns the public with her stunning transformation

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Thanks to social media, we have discovered tons of people who have the potential in the entertainment industry. There’s no doubt that this has become the platform of many people to introduce themselves to the world. But with the case of Rita Gaviola a.k.a Badjao Girl,” a local photographer was stunned by her captivating beauty. Because of this, her photos immediately went viral and has opened a lot of doors for her in the showbiz industry.

Recently, she has once again wowed the crowd with her stunning transformation. From her long straight hair, the Pinoy Big Brother” alumna decided to cut it short.

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After uploading her captivating photos on her Instagram, it immediately caught the attention of the netizens. Many of them praised and complimented her for her new look. Far from her first appearance on National TV, Rita has definitely bloomed into a fine young woman.

With regards to her career, Badjao girl still managed to receive several endorsements and photo shoots from big companies. She is also thankful for all the people who supported her journey to stardom.

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Besides her new look, she also proudly shared a glimpse of their newly-renovated home. Thanks to her hard work and the help of Grace Kreutzer, she was able to provide her family with a more comfortable and spacious house to live in. She uploaded the video on her YouTube account and has immediately amazed her fans.


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